Loading a Bitmap from a File

Bitmaps can be stored in multi-bitmap (.mbm) files, which can be built from .bmp files as part of the abld process. This topic provides an example of loading a multi-bitmap file.

Loading them has four stages:

  1. Put the name of the bitmap file into a buffer.

  2. Create a bitmap (CFbsBitmap).

  3. Load the bitmap using CFbsBitmap::Load().

  4. If an error is returned, leave and ensure the bitmap is cleaned up

// set the name of the multi-bitmap file containing the bitmaps
// load the bitmap from an .mbm file
CFbsBitmap* bitmap = new (ELeave) CFbsBitmap();
User::LeaveIfError(bitmap->Load(KMBMFileName, EMbmGrbmap2Smiley));
// EMbmGrbmap2Smiley is the ID of a bitmap in the .mbm file
// clean up

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