Extended Connection Preferences

The Extended Connection Preferences API provides customized control over the connection establishment process followed by the applications.


The Extended Connection Preferences API is used to control and customize the connection establishment behavior of applications. The API handles applications with special needs in connectivity accordingly. For example, connection to a specific SNAP or connection to a specific IAP so on. Many applications do not need a customized connection establishment process and hence, usage of this API is not needed by majority of applications.

Required Background

The extended connection preferences are passed to the RConnection::Start() function as part of TConnPrefList object.

The user of the API should link against extendedconnpref.lib and netmeta.lib and include the header file, extendedconnpref.h.

API Summary

The API defines extended connection preferences as a set of parameters. The class that handles the preference parameters is described below:

Class Name Description

Is derived from SMetaDataECom and defines the functions that set the preferences for a customized connection.

Architectural Relationships

Figure: Class Relationships for TExtendedConnPref

Typical Uses

The API provides the following key services:

  • Open a connection to a specific Service Network Access Point (SNAP) (By specifying Type)

  • Open a connection to a specific SNAP (By specifying the SNAP ID)

  • Open a connection to a specific Internet Access Point (IAP)

  • Open a connection by querying the connection method from the user

  • Open a connection without the discreet pop-ups

  • Open a connection without any queries

  • Disallow automatic switch to Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN)

  • Bearer filtering

  • Inform middleware that application handles contention