Selecting a Remote Device

Thought should be given to the way in which a remote device will be selected for connection before moving on to begin the actual connection. This document discusses some of the issues that should be considered.

Methods for selecting a remote device

An application can determine the remote device to which it should talk in several ways, it may be:

  • hard-wired,

  • a stored preference (application stores a previously selected device profile to reuse),

  • selected by the user, or

  • determined programmatically.

Each of these may be appropriate in different situations. In the first couple of cases, the address of the remote device is simply retrieved from storage. Functionality for the third case is provided by the Bluetooth UI.

The final case, the program itself determining the remote device, could be adopted for the following reasons:

  • to provide a customised device selection UI to the user

  • to select a device based on some other criteria, for example, "use the least busy LAN access point"

The next page,Inquiring about Remote Devices , discusses in detail how to go about this.

Where Next?

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