SecurityConfig Overview


OS Security components use configuration files to change their run-time behaviour. The SecurityConfig component is a collection of configuration files for specific OS Security components.


The SecurityConfig component includes configuration files for specific OS Security components. The configuration files can be used to change the run-time behaviour of the components.

Within SecurityConfig, the files associated with each component are stored in a directory with the same name as the component. For example, the configuration files for ups is stored in /securityconfig/ups/.

securityconfig contains configuration files for the following components:

Component Name Description of configuration file(s)


Configuration settings for checking the revocation status of the digital certificates which use Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP).


An xml file (backup.xml) which backs up and restores the User Prompt Service (UPS) policy files.

A package file for the UPS server ROM stub SIS file. Device creators must specify the UPS policy files on the Z drive in this package file if the policy files are to be upgraded post-manufacture.

You must modify the configuration files and rebuild the securityconfig component to customise the behaviour of specific OS Security components.

Build Dependencies

The securityconfig component builds or exports files that are used to build other components.


  • You must be aware of possible dependencies on the securityconfig component, if you are building each components separately.

  • You must build the securityconfig component before building dependent components.

  • Dependencies for the entire OS Security module build are handled by the build sequence in the main bld.inf file.

Typical uses

The SecurityConfig component provides configuration settings for customising the following: