DNS Proxy Server Initialization Settings

This topics describes the initialization settings of the DNS Proxy server.

DNS Proxy server on start up reads the initialization information from resolver.ini file which stores the initialization settings. This provides the connection information on which the DNS Proxy server starts receiving DNS requests.

The resolver.ini file is located in the following folder: z:\private\200215f1\. If there is no file or if some values are missing then the DNS proxy starts with the default values.

Initialization setting parameters

The following table lists the parameters, description and default values present in the .ini file.

Parameters Description Default values


This value represents the maximum number of resolver sessions that can handle the incoming queries.



This value represents the number of retries made for resolving the query.



This value represents the maximum queries that can be handled by the DNS Proxy server. Queries are dropped if the queue is full.



Time to Live field. This value represents the validity period for the local query response measured in seconds.

21600 seconds


This value represents the maximum size of the DNS Proxy server non-persistent DB. This is an optional parameter to prevent DoS attacks.



This value represents the timer value for the response timer, that is, the number of seconds the DNS Proxy server waits for the response before timing out.

5 seconds


This value is stored but is not used.



This value is stored but is not used.

900 seconds


This value is stored but is not used.

600 seconds


This value is stored but is not used.

300 seconds

Note: All the parameters in the

.ini file are optional.

DNS Proxy initialization settings example

The following is an example DNS Proxy section from a resolver.ini file:

sessioncount= 5
retries= 2
queuesize= 20
TTL= 21600
dbsize= 10
timerval= 5
serialnum= 10000
refreshtim= 900
retrytime= 600
expiretime= 86400