What is the System Critical Parameter?

System Critical Parameters allow the OS to reset when a module crashes. A System Critical Parameter compirses 2 distinct paramters.

The System Critical parameter comprises the following 2 parameters:

  • SystemCritical

  • SystemCriticalAfterInit

If neither parameter is in the CMI file or if both parameters are set to zero they have no effect. When either parameter is set to one (SystemCritical=1 or SystemCriticalAfterInit=1), the CPM runs as a System Critical thread. The SystemCriticalAfterInit parameter only applies when the CPM has processed its configuration. It allows the user to try a master reset if the device has corrupt configuration files. A System Critical thread forces the device to reboot if the thread terminates. To do this the User::SetCritical(User::ESystemPermanent) function is called.

If the device must be rebooted when the module crashes the CPM must be set as System Critical.

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