SIP Settings in CenRep

The SIP Settings are configured to be stored in a permanent storage called the Central Repository (CenRep).

The organisation of SIP Settings in Cenrep adheres to the below listed rules:

  • The SIP Settings are stored across multiple repositories in CenRep.

  • Each repository is identified by an Unique ID (UID).

  • Each repository stores a different type of SIP Setting like Profile Settings, Configuration Settings, Stack Settings.

  • Each repository has a Key Space design defined for storage of the SIP Settings. This enhances the flexibility and efficiency of storage.

  • SIP settings stored in CenRep can be retrieved and used by applications.

  • The backup and restore applications can use the standard mechanisms to backup and restore the SIP Settings from CenRep.

SIP Setting Type UID Data Stored CenRep Keys Key Space Design

Profile Settings


SIP Profile

csipmanagedprofile.h, csipprofile.h

Key Space Design for SIP Profiles

Configuration Settings


Configuration Settings of the Profile Server.

sipprofileagentextensionparams.h, sipprofiletypeinfo.h sipprofileservercrkeys.h

Key Space Design for Profile Server Configuration Settings

SIP Stack Settings


SIP Stack Settings


Key Space Design for SIP Timers

Creation of Device Variants

Storing the SIP settings in CenRep allows the Creation of Device Variants with different SIP configuration settings.

The device variant creation allows device variant engineers to configure SIP profiles specific to the device. The device variant engineers can create device variants with different SIP configuration settings. The device variants are shipped with the device.

The engineers configure the Keys based on the Key Space design to create the device variants at the time of device creation. The device variants are stored in the device.

Standard CenRep based tools can be used to create the device variants. The engineers need to be aware of the Key Space design of the SIP profiles and the associated parameters that need to be provisioned.

Client Provisioning

Storing the SIP settings in CenRep allows the Client Provisioning.

Client Provisioning enables the operator to provide SIP settings to the device via Over the Air (OTA) message. The DM\CP technology is used.