IRPrinting: Infrared Printing


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IRPrinting illustrates the use of the Serial Communications Server for infra-red communications, such as to an IrDA-capable printer. See the IrDA Serial Overview for more information.

The example:

  • Creates a connection to the Comms server

  • Loads the Comms server module that supports infra-red (“IrCOMM”)

  • Opens a port

  • Writes a short message to the port

  • Closes the port

  • Closes the Comms server

The write operation times out with an error after four seconds if it is not successful, as will occur if no receiver is present.

Class Summary

RComm: serial port

RCommServ: Comms server


The source code includes the two project files needed for building: bld.inf and the .mmp file.

The Symbian platform build process describes how to build this application, which results in an executable called \epoc32\release\<target>\<urel or udeb>\IRPRINTING.EXE.


Run the executable IRPRINTING.EXE.

Executables for the emulator targets wins and winscw can be run on your PC. Executables for ARM targets must be copied to your target platform before being run.