TCommServerConfigV01 Struct Reference

#include <c32comm.h>

struct TCommServerConfigV01
Public Attributes
TUint iBufFlags
TUint iBufSize

Detailed Description

Used by the package TCommServerConfig to configure the comm port.

Holds the buffer configuration settings for the comms server.

The comms server copies data between the descriptors provided by the client and the buffers used by the serial port drivers, for each read and write request. There are two methods by which this can be accomplished. Full buffering means that the comms server will always attempt to allocate enough memory to satisfy any reads or writes in a single copy, while partial buffering means that the comms server will allocate a static buffer and use partial copies to transfer data to the serial driver. When a port is opened, the default is full buffering.

Member Attribute Documentation


TUint iBufFlags

Buffering option: either KCommBufferFull or KCommBufferPartial


TUint iBufSize

Size of server buffer if partial buffering is being used