CFont::TMeasureTextOutput Class Reference

#include <gdi.h>

class CFont::TMeasureTextOutput

Detailed Description

Output parameter block.

This is optionally used by CFont::MeasureText(), which is the powerful text measurement function underlying all the other text measurement functions.

See also: CFont::MeasureText()

Member Attribute Documentation


TRect iBounds

The bounding box of all the glyphs that would be drawn.


TInt iChars

The number of input characters that would be drawn.

This may be less than the length of the text if a maximum advance or bounding box size is specified.


TInt iGlyphs

The number of glyphs that would be drawn.


TInt iGroups

The number of groups that would be drawn.

A group is a base glyph plus one or more combining characters.


TSize iMaxGlyphSize

The maximum width and height of any glyph.


TInt iSpaces

The number of word spaces (U+0020) that would be drawn.