MCoeFocusObserver Class Reference

#include <mw/coemain.h>

Link against: cone.lib

class MCoeFocusObserver
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidHandleChangeInFocus()
pure virtual voidHandleDestructionOfFocusedItem()
Protected Member Functions

Detailed Description

Interface providing notification if any control gains or loses focus or is destroyed.

The FEP framework uses this class to observe when a target control changes for reasons unrelated to the FEP.

Anything that needs such notification should derive from this class and implement its two pure virtual functions.

In addition, derived classes need to call CCoeEnv::AddFocusObserverL() during construction, and CCoeEnv::RemoveFocusObserver() in their destructors.

See also: CCoeFep

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MCoeFocusObserver ( )


Member Function Documentation

HandleChangeInFocus ( )

voidHandleChangeInFocus()[pure virtual]

Handles changes in focus. The function is called if any control gains or loses focus.

HandleDestructionOfFocusedItem ( )

voidHandleDestructionOfFocusedItem()[pure virtual]

Handles the destruction of any control. It is called by the framework if any control is destroyed.