TVPbkWordParserCallbackParam Struct Reference

#include <app/TVPbkWordParserCallbackParam.h>

struct TVPbkWordParserCallbackParam
Public Attributes
const TDesC *iStringToParse
CDesCArray *iWordArray
Public Member Functions
TVPbkWordParserCallbackParam(const TDesC *, CDesCArray *)

Detailed Description

A parameter class for a find operation.

The parameter is used in TCallBack parameter to the client when it uses the find operation of the contact manager. The find operations will then leave the parsing of words to clients responsibility. The Virtual Phonebook store implementation will set the iStringToParse and client then fills the iWordArray.

See also: CVPbkContactManager::FindL

Member Attribute Documentation


const TDesC *iStringToParse

Not Own: a string that client must parse.


CDesCArray *iWordArray

Not Own: an array for parsed words.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TVPbkWordParserCallbackParam ( const TDesC *, CDesCArray * )

TVPbkWordParserCallbackParam(const TDesC *aStringToParse,
CDesCArray *aWordArray


aStringToParsea string that must be parsed to iWordArray
aWordArrayan array for parsed words