CTelephony::TCallForwardingSupplServicesV1 Class Reference

#include <etel3rdparty.h>

Link against: etel3rdparty.lib

class CTelephony::TCallForwardingSupplServicesV1 : public CTelephony::TEtelISVType

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Defines information about the call forwarding service.

Note: This information is only available on GSM/WCDMA networks.

Member Attribute Documentation


TSupplServiceStatus iCallForwarding

The status of the call forwarding supplementary service. It applies to the condition in iCallForwardingCondition and to the line specified to CTelephony::GetCallForwardingStatus().


TCallForwardingCondition iCallForwardingCondition

The provisioned call forwarding condition to which iCallForwarding applies.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TCallForwardingSupplServicesV1 ( )


Default constructor.