MCoeObserverOfLoadedFep Class Reference

#include <mw/coemain.h>

Link against: cone.lib

class MCoeObserverOfLoadedFep
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidHandleChangeInLoadedFep()
Protected Member Functions

Detailed Description

Interface providing notification when there is a change in the currently loaded FEP.

This happens either on application start-up, or as a result of a different front end processor having been installed.

Anyone requiring this notification should derive from this class and implement its pure virtual function. Derived classes also need to call CCoeEnv::AddObserverOfLoadedFepL() during construction, and CCoeEnv::RemoveObserverOfLoadedFep() in their destructor.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MCoeObserverOfLoadedFep ( )


Member Function Documentation

HandleChangeInLoadedFep ( )

voidHandleChangeInLoadedFep()[pure virtual]

Handles a change in the loaded FEP.

The function is called if a new FEP is loaded, or if the current one is unloaded.