TTypefaceSupport Class Reference

#include <gdi.h>

class TTypefaceSupport

Detailed Description

Typeface family support information.

This data-only class includes the name and attributes of a typeface, how many font heights are available, its minimum and maximum heights, and whether or not it is scaleable a typeface is scaleable if it supports heights at fixed intervals between the minimum and maximum heights.

Member Attribute Documentation


TBool iIsScalable

Whether the typeface is scaleable. ETrue if it is scaleable, otherwise EFalse.


TInt iMaxHeightInTwips

The typeface's maximum font height, in twips.


TInt iMinHeightInTwips

The typeface's minimum font height, in twips.


TInt iNumHeights

The number of distinct font heights available in the typeface.


TTypeface iTypeface

The name and attributes of the typeface.