MEZBufferManager Class Reference

#include <ezbufman.h>

class MEZBufferManager
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidFinalizeL(CEZZStream &)
pure virtual voidInitializeL(CEZZStream &)
pure virtual voidNeedInputL(CEZZStream &)
pure virtual voidNeedOutputL(CEZZStream &)

Detailed Description

Interface class to manage input and output buffers for compression and de-compression

Member Function Documentation

FinalizeL ( CEZZStream & )

voidFinalizeL(CEZZStream &aZStream)[pure virtual]

Finish writing to the stream

aZStreamthe stream to complete writing to

InitializeL ( CEZZStream & )

voidInitializeL(CEZZStream &aZStream)[pure virtual]

Initialise the stream with input and output buffers and starts reading

aZStreamthe stream to initialise

NeedInputL ( CEZZStream & )

voidNeedInputL(CEZZStream &aZStream)[pure virtual]

Set the stream's input buffer and starts reading

aZStreamthe steam whose input buffer to set

NeedOutputL ( CEZZStream & )

voidNeedOutputL(CEZZStream &aZStream)[pure virtual]

Set the stream's output buffer and start writing

aZStreamthe steam whose output buffer to set