Nokia Symbian^3 C++ API Reference

The Symbian C++ API reference provides documentation for the Symbian classes and header files included in the SDK.

Known issues in this release of the library:

The recommended way to find classes and methods in the API reference is to use the search.

  1. Enter the search term (for example, name of a class) in the Search field.

  2. Click Search scope.

  3. Select Search only the following topics.

  4. Select New.

  5. Select Search only the following topics.

  6. Enter a name for your search scope in the List name field.

  7. Open the library table of contents in the Topics to search and select C++ Reference as the library section for your search.

  8. Click OK to close New search list window.

  9. Click OK to close Select search scope window.

  10. Click Go to perform your search.