MSdpAgentNotifier Class Reference

#include <btsdp.h>

Link against: sdpagent.lib

class MSdpAgentNotifier

Detailed Description

Handles responses to Bluetooth Service Discovery Protocol queries.

Clients that make queries through CSdpAgent must implement this interface to handle the responses.

See also: CSdpAgent::AttributeRequestL()

Member Function Documentation

AttributeRequestComplete ( TSdpServRecordHandle, TInt )

)[pure virtual]

Called when an attribute request (CSdpAgent::AttributeRequestL()) wants to signal the completion of a attribute request.

See also: CSdpAgent::AttributeRequestL()

aErroran error

AttributeRequestResult ( TSdpServRecordHandle, TSdpAttributeID, CSdpAttrValue * )

CSdpAttrValue *aAttrValue
)[pure virtual]

Called when an attribute request (CSdpAgent::AttributeRequestL()) wants to pass up a result.

See also: CSdpAgent::AttributeRequestL()

aHandleService record for which the query was made
aAttrIDID of the attribute obtained
aAttrValueAttribute value obtained

MSAN_ExtensionInterfaceL ( TUid, void *& )

IMPORT_C voidMSAN_ExtensionInterfaceL(TUidaInterface,
void *&aObject

Returns a null aObject if the extension is not implemented, or a pointer to another interface if it is. This virtual function allows the M- classes to be extended in future in a binary compatible way by providing a method that clients can override in future to allow extra callbacks to be made via aObject.

aInterfaceUID of the interface to return
aObjectthe container for another interface as specified by aInterface

NextRecordRequestComplete ( TInt, TSdpServRecordHandle, TInt )

)[pure virtual]

Called when an service record request (CSdpAgent::NextRecordRequestComplete()) operation completes.

See also: CSdpAgent::NextRecordRequestL()

aErrorKErrNone if successful; KErrEof if there are no more SDP records left to be read; or an SDP error.
aHandleService record for which the query was made
aTotalRecordsCountTotal number of matching records