TMMFPrioritySettings Class Reference

#include <mmf/common/mmfbase.h>

Link against: RestrictedAudioOutputMessageHandler.lib

class TMMFPrioritySettings
Public Attributes
TInt iPref
TInt iPriority
TMMFState iState
Public Member Functions

Detailed Description

A class type representing the audio client's priority, priority preference and state settings.

Note: The Priority Value and Priority Preference are used primarily when deciding what to do when several audio clients attempt to play or record simultaneously. In addition to the Priority Value and Preference, the adaptation may consider other parameters such as the SecureId and Capabilities of the client process. Whatever, the decision as to what to do in such situations is up to the audio adaptation, and may vary between different phones. Portable applications are advised not to assume any specific behaviour.

Member Attribute Documentation


TInt iPref

The Priority Preference - an additional audio policy parameter. The suggested default is EMdaPriorityPreferenceNone. Further values are given by TMdaPriorityPreference, and additional values may be supported by given phones and/or platforms, but should not be depended upon by portable code.


TInt iPriority

The Priority Value - this client's relative priority. This is a value between EMdaPriorityMin and EMdaPriorityMax and represents a relative priority. A higher value indicates a more important request.


TMMFState iState

The state of the MMF player such as idle, playing, recording and so on. See the TMMFState enum for possible states.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TMMFPrioritySettings ( )


Initializes the object with arbitrary values.