CContactFieldStorage Class Reference

#include <app/cntfldst.h>

class CContactFieldStorage : public CBase

Inherits from

  • CContactFieldStorage

    Detailed Description

    Abstract base class for the different types of contact field data storage.

    CContactTextField, CContactStoreField, CContactAgentField, CContactDateField and CContactNumberField are all derived from this class.

    A pointer to the base class can be obtained by calling CContactItemField::Storage(). Pointers to the derived classes can be retrieved by calling CContactItemField::TextStorage(), CContactItemField::StoreStorage() etc.

    Member Function Documentation

    ExternalizeL ( RWriteStream & )

    voidExternalizeL(RWriteStream &aStream)const [pure virtual]

    Externalises the field data.

    aStreamWrite stream to which the contents of the field should be externalised.

    InternalizeL ( RReadStream & )

    voidInternalizeL(RReadStream &aStream)[pure virtual]

    Internalises the field data.

    aStreamStream from which the the contents of the field should be internalised.

    IsFull ( )

    TBool IsFull()const [pure virtual]

    Tests whether the field storage contains data.

    Returns: True if the field storage contains data, false if not.

    RestoreL ( CStreamStore &, RReadStream & )

    voidRestoreL(CStreamStore &aStore,
    RReadStream &aStream
    )[pure virtual]

    Restores the field data.

    aStoreReference to the store from which the object is to be restored.
    aStreamReference to the stream which should be passed to InternalizeL().

    StoreL ( CStreamStore & )

    TStreamId StoreL(CStreamStore &aStore)const [pure virtual]

    Stores the field data.

    aStoreReference to the stream store to which the field data is written.

    Returns: The ID of the stream store.