MVPbkExpandable Class Reference

#include <app/MVPbkExpandable.h>

Link against: VPbkEng.lib

class MVPbkExpandable
Public Member Functions
pure virtual MVPbkContactViewBase *ExpandLC(MVPbkContactViewObserver &, const MVPbkFieldTypeList &)
virtual TAny *ExpandableExtension(TUid)
Protected Member Functions
virtual ~MVPbkExpandable()

Detailed Description

An interface for objects that can be expanded to a view

E.g. a view contact that represents a group can be expanded to the group members view.

See also: MVPbkViewContact

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~MVPbkExpandable ( )

~MVPbkExpandable()[protected, inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

ExpandLC ( MVPbkContactViewObserver &, const MVPbkFieldTypeList & )

MVPbkContactViewBase *ExpandLC(MVPbkContactViewObserver &aObserver,
const MVPbkFieldTypeList &aSortOrder
)const [pure virtual]

Returns an expanded view that is constructed asynchronously.

A client must wait the expanded view to become ready before usage.

aObserverA contact view observer
aSortOrderA contact view sort order.

Returns: the expanded view. The child view.

ExpandableExtension ( TUid )

TAny *ExpandableExtension(TUid)[inline, virtual]

Returns an extension point for this interface or NULL.

Returns: an extension point for this interface or NULL.