CPbkItemTypeSelectAddToExisting Class Reference

#include <app/CPbkMemoryEntryAddItemDlg.h>

class CPbkItemTypeSelectAddToExisting : public CPbkMemoryEntryAddItemDlg

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Field type selection dialog for Phonebook's Add to Existing-service. This service can be used to show a popup dialog of Phonebook field types and then let the user select a particular field type from it.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CPbkItemTypeSelectAddToExisting ( )



~CPbkItemTypeSelectAddToExisting ( )


Destructor. Also cancels and dismisses this popup list, in other words makes ExecuteLD return just like cancel was pressed.

Member Function Documentation

ExecuteLD ( CArrayPtr< CPbkFieldInfo > & )

IMPORT_C CPbkFieldInfo *ExecuteLD(CArrayPtr< CPbkFieldInfo > &aFieldInfos)[virtual]

Reimplemented from CPbkMemoryEntryAddItemDlg::ExecuteLD(CArrayPtr< CPbkFieldInfo > &)

Run this dialog and return selected field info.

aFieldInfosAn array of field info objects to select from.

Returns: Pointer to a field info in aFieldInfos or NULL if canceled.