TSpriteMember Struct Reference

#include <w32std.h>

struct TSpriteMember

Detailed Description

Sprite member.

This structure is used to define the parameters of a sprite member, which can be added to a sprite or pointer cursor.

Member Attribute Documentation


CFbsBitmap *iBitmap

The bitmap to be displayed in the sprite or pointer cursor during the time interval specified by iInterval.

If NULL, the sprite or pointer cursor will be invisible for the time specified by iInterval.


Specifies the drawing mode to use when drawing iBitmap if the mask is NULL.


Time interval for which iBitmap is displayed.

Note that if only one sprite member is added to a sprite or pointer cursor, it will be displayed continuously, regardless of the value of iInterval.


TBool iInvertMask

EFalse if the mask bitmap is not to be inverted (the default) or ETrue if it is to be inverted.


CFbsBitmap *iMaskBitmap

The bitmap mask.

This defines which areas of iBitmap are drawn to the screen. It enables the bitmap to have a non-rectangular shape on the screen. Areas which are not drawn to, retain the appearance of the window underneath the sprite or cursor.

The bits in iBitmap are AND'ed with those in iMaskBitmap before being drawn to the screen. In practice, the mask bitmap is normally white in those areas drawn to by iBitmap, and black in all other areas.


This bitmap should be in the same mode as iBitmap, otherwise the masking out operation becomes inefficient.


TPoint iOffset

Offset from the sprite's central position.

Specifies an offset between the origin of iBitmap and the sprite or pointer cursor's origin. (The origin is the top left corner of the bitmap.)