TVPbkFieldTypeMapping Class Reference

#include <app/TVPbkFieldTypeMapping.h>

class TVPbkFieldTypeMapping

Detailed Description

A helper class for mapping field types to Versit or non-Versit types.

Can be used also for finding a field type from a field type list.

See also: VPbkFieldType.rh


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TVPbkFieldTypeMapping ( TResourceReader & )

IMPORT_CTVPbkFieldTypeMapping(TResourceReader &aReader)

Constructs this object from a VPBK_FIELD_TYPE_MAPPING resource.

aReaderA resource reader to VPBK_FIELD_TYPE_MAPPING that is defined in VPbkFieldType.rh.

TVPbkFieldTypeMapping ( )


Constructs an empty mapping.

Member Function Documentation

FindMatch ( const MVPbkFieldTypeList & )

IMPORT_C const MVPbkFieldType *FindMatch(const MVPbkFieldTypeList &aFieldTypeList)const

Returns a field type that matches this type mapping or NULL.

aFieldTypeListA field type list that is for searching.

Returns: A matched field type or NULL.

SetNonVersitType ( TVPbkNonVersitFieldType )

IMPORT_C voidSetNonVersitType(TVPbkNonVersitFieldTypeaNonVersitType)

Sets the non-Versit type of this field type mapping.

aNonVersitTypeA new non-Versit type.

SetVersitProperty ( TVPbkFieldVersitProperty )

IMPORT_C voidSetVersitProperty(TVPbkFieldVersitPropertyaVersitProperty)

Sets the Versit property of this field type mapping.

aVersitPropertyA new Versit property for the mapping.