CTelephony::TCallBarringSupplServicesV1 Class Reference

#include <etel3rdparty.h>

Link against: etel3rdparty.lib

class CTelephony::TCallBarringSupplServicesV1 : public CTelephony::TEtelISVType

Inherits from

Detailed Description

Defines information about the call barring service.

Member Attribute Documentation


TSupplServiceStatus iCallBarring

The status of the call barring supplementary service. It applies to the condition in iCallBarringCondition and to the service group specified to CTelephony::GetCallBarringStatus().


TCallBarringCondition iCallBarringCondition

The provisioned call barring condition to which iCallBarring applies.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TCallBarringSupplServicesV1 ( )


Default constructor.