VPbkContactViewFilterBuilder Class Reference

#include <app/VPbkContactViewFilterBuilder.h>

class VPbkContactViewFilterBuilder

Detailed Description

A factory for creating contact view filters.

A contact view filter can be used in a contact view definition when the client wants to create a view that is filtered by field types i.e. only contacts that have a certain fields are included in the view.

See also: CVPbkContactViewDefinition::SetFieldTypeFilterL


Member Function Documentation

BuildContactViewFilterL ( CVPbkFieldTypeSelector &, TVPbkContactViewFilter, CVPbkContactManager & )

IMPORT_C CVPbkFieldTypeSelector &BuildContactViewFilterL(CVPbkFieldTypeSelector &aFieldTypeSelector,
CVPbkContactManager &aContactManager


Appends a filter for the given field type selector.

aFieldTypeSelectorThe selector object to that is modified.
aFilterDefines the field types that are added to the selector.
aContactManagerThe contact manager.

Returns: A reference to the passed selector object for enabling chained calls.