MDesC16Array Class Reference

#include <bamdesca.h>

Link against: AdvancedAudioController.lib

class MDesC16Array
Public Member Functions
virtual ~MDesC16Array()
pure virtual TInt MdcaCount()
pure virtual TPtrC16 MdcaPoint(TInt)

Detailed Description

Interface class for 16 bit descriptor arrays. It should be inherited by classes which implement this protocol. This protocol is implemented by class CDesC16Array and the concrete class CPtrC16Array.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

~MDesC16Array ( )

~MDesC16Array()[inline, virtual]


Member Function Documentation

MdcaCount ( )

TInt MdcaCount()const [pure virtual]


Returns the number of descriptor elements in a descriptor array.

Returns: The number of descriptor elements in a descriptor array.

MdcaPoint ( TInt )

TPtrC16 MdcaPoint(TIntaIndex)const [pure virtual]


Indexes into a descriptor array.

aIndexThe position of the descriptor element within a descriptor array. The position is relative to zero; i.e. zero implies the first descriptor element in a descriptor array.

Returns: A 16 bit non-modifiable pointer descriptor representing the descriptor element located at position aIndex within a descriptor array.