MCoeView Class Reference

#include <mw/coeview.h>

class MCoeView
Public Member Functions
pure virtual TVwsViewId ViewId()
Protected Member Functions
virtual IMPORT_C TVwsViewIdAndMessageViewScreenDeviceChangedL()
virtual IMPORT_C TBoolViewScreenModeCompatible(TInt)

Detailed Description

Specifies an interface for views.

This class should be implemented by all application views.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MCoeView ( )


Member Function Documentation

ViewId ( )

TVwsViewId ViewId()const [pure virtual]

Returns a TVwsViewId uniquely identifying the view.

Returns: Represents a view in the server.

ViewScreenDeviceChangedL ( )

IMPORT_C TVwsViewIdAndMessageViewScreenDeviceChangedL()[protected, virtual]

Handles a change to the screen device returning the value of the TVwsViewIdAndMessage object that describes what the view arcitecture should do next. Returns the id of the active view by default.

ViewScreenModeCompatible ( TInt )

IMPORT_C TBoolViewScreenModeCompatible(TIntaScreenMode)[protected, virtual]

By default, Views are compatible with all screen modes.