MPbkThumbnailGetObserver Class Reference

#include <app/MPbkThumbnailOperationObservers.h>

class MPbkThumbnailGetObserver
Public Member Functions
pure virtual voidPbkThumbnailGetComplete(MPbkThumbnailOperation &, CFbsBitmap *)
pure virtual voidPbkThumbnailGetFailed(MPbkThumbnailOperation &, TInt)

Detailed Description

Observer interface for CPbkThumbnailManager get operation. Only one of the event callbacks is called once by the operation.

See also: CPbkThumbnailManager::GetThumbnailAsyncL

Member Function Documentation

PbkThumbnailGetComplete ( MPbkThumbnailOperation &, CFbsBitmap * )

voidPbkThumbnailGetComplete(MPbkThumbnailOperation &aOperation,
CFbsBitmap *aBitmap
)[pure virtual]

Called when thumbnail loading is completed.

aOperationThe completed operation.
aBitmapThe loaded bitmap. Callee is responsible of the bitmap.

PbkThumbnailGetFailed ( MPbkThumbnailOperation &, TInt )

voidPbkThumbnailGetFailed(MPbkThumbnailOperation &aOperation,
)[pure virtual]

Called if the thumbnail loading fails.

aOperationThe failed operation.
aErrorError code of the failure.