CTelephony::TRemotePartyInfoV1 Class Reference

#include <etel3rdparty.h>

Link against: etel3rdparty.lib

class CTelephony::TRemotePartyInfoV1 : public CTelephony::TEtelISVType

Inherits from

Member Attribute Documentation


TBuf< KCallingNameSize >iCallingName

Calling party name available through the CNAP supplementary service (if provisioned).


TCallDirection iDirection

The direction of the call and hence the role of the remote party. i.e. if the call is mobile originated then the remote party is the called party. Whereas if the call is mobile terminated then the remote party is the calling party.


TCallRemoteIdentityStatus iRemoteIdStatus

Indicates whether the remote party information in the rest of this structure is valid or not.


TTelAddress iRemoteNumber

The phone number of the remote party if available.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TRemotePartyInfoV1 ( )


Defines information about the remote party of a call.

Default constructor.