Dictionary write streams

How to write to a stream in a dictionary store.

Applications must construct an RDictionaryWriteStream object before they can write to a stream located in a dictionary store.

To prepare a stream for writing, use the RDictionaryWriteStream::AssignL() or RDictionaryWriteStream::AssignLC() functions, passing a reference to the dictionary store and the UID associated with the stream.

If no stream is associated with the UID, then a new stream is created. An association is made between the resulting stream ID and the UID.

If a stream is currently associated with the specified UID, then the existing stream is prepared for replacement.

The following code fragment is typical. store is a pointer to an opened dictionary store. RDictionaryWriteStream::AssignLC() opens the stream associated with the UID theuid and prepares the stream for writing:

TUid theuid;
CDictionaryStore* store;
RDictionaryWriteStream outstream;
TSomeData data;
outstream << data;
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy(); // cleanup the write stream
store->CommitL(); // commit changes to the dictionary store