Write a converter DLL project file


Project file defines the location of the source files that required are to build a plug-in.

To write a converter DLL project file, specify the following in the .mmp file:

  • The extension of the target file as .dll.

  • The TARGETTYPE as plugin.

  • The second UID as 0x10009d8d. This value identifies the DLL as an ECom plug-in. The third UID (0xE800009B in this example) must be unique and properly allocated. See the Symbian Signed Symbian Signed web site for information on how to allocate UIDs.

  • The library section must include conarc.lib.

The following is an example of an .mmp file that builds a converter DLL called EXAMPLECONV.dll:

// ExampleConv.MMP
target      exampleconv.dll
targettype  plugin
UID     0x10009d8d 0xE800009B
VENDORID    0x70000001
sourcepath  .
start resource E800009B.rss
target exampleconv.rsc
start resource E80000AC.rss
targetpath /resource/convert
userinclude .
systeminclude   . /epoc32/include
systeminclude  /epoc32/include/ecom
source      ExampleConv.CPP
library     euser.lib
library     conarc.lib estor.lib