Expanded Search Capabilities

Searches by text field

CCalInstanceView::FindInstanceL() can search all text fields. It is supported by CalCommon::TCalSearchBehaviour.

The following fields are searchable:

  • Summary

  • Description

  • Location

  • Organizer Common Name

  • Organizer Address

  • Organizer Sent-By

  • Attendee Common Name

  • Attendee Address

  • Attendee Sent-By

The search string only needs to match one of the fields specified in the filter for it to be considered a matching instance.

It is important to note that an entry can have multiple attendees. This means that searching the attendee fields may become quite expensive for a large meeting.

Once the flag is added to CalCommon::TCalSearchBehaviour, it is passed to the constructor of CCalInstanceView::TCalSearchParams. The latter is a search parameter used when instances are found by using the API CCalInstanceView::FindInstanceL().

Searches using filters and time ranges

The enum CalCommon::TCalViewFilterFlags is used in entry view and instance view to specify entries that are of interest to the client. Class CalCommon::TCalTimeRange is used to define the time range within which instances fall.