ControlFramework: A UI application with a toolbar


This example program creates an application that uses a single view. It implements the standard classes required by any application using UI controls. That is, an application, a document, an application UI and a view.

A view is a control (derived from CCoeControl) that displays the application's data on the screen and handles user input. The pointer and key input is handled by printing to the screen a description of the key event, or the x,y coordinates of the pointer event.

The application and document are implemented minimally. The application UI handles commands by overriding the CEikAppUi::HandleCommandL() method. In this example, commands are generated by the toolbar buttons, and are handled by changing the formatting of the text. The text that is initially displayed is read from a resource file.


Click on the following link to download the example:

Click: browse to view the example code.


The Symbian build process describes how to build an application.

The ControlFramework example builds an executable called ControlFramework.exe in the standard location (\epoc32\release\winscw\ <build_variant> for CodeWarrior). Either launch the executable itself, or launch the emulator and then select the ControlFramework application from the Emulator's extras bar.