Updating System TZ Data Using Software Installation


This tutorial describes how to update System TZ Data.

A client may need to update the system time zone database as changes in existing time zone rules are introduced. An example is the recent change in DST (daylight saving time) start and end times in North America.

If there are new time zones in the updated TZ database, the update also needs to include localization data for these time zones.

There may also be a need to make changes to existing time zones’ localization data. Examples of this include the correction of typographic errors and reflecting city name changes. Notable city name changes include Peking to Beijing and Leningrad to Saint Petersburg.

To update system TZ data a client must create a SIS (Symbian installation) file that contains the updated TZ database.

Create a Symbian Installation (SIS) file that contains the updated TZ database. The SIS file may also contain TZ localization resources. To create a SIS file you need to write a PKG (package) file, which is a normal text file with the extension .pkg. Example content of this file is given in the following steps:


  1. Specify a language. An example is English.

  2. Set a header.

    #{"System TZ Data Update"}, (0x200020B0), 1, 1, 0, TYPE=SP
  3. Specify the vendor. (This is Symbian):

    %{"Symbian Software Ltd."}
    :"Symbian Software Ltd."
  4. Define local files and the target location to be updated (eclipsed).

    "..\data\tz.r01 "-"$:\resource\timezonelocalization\timezones.r01"
    "..\data\tz.r02 "-"$:\resource\timezonelocalization\timezones.r02"

    The sample includes the TZ database and two sets of TZ localization resources files, one for English (*.r01) and one for French (*.r02).

    The PKG file can reference one TZ database. The TZ database may be omitted if the update does not require any changes to the TZ rules within the TZ database.

    The PKG file can reference any number of sets of TZ localization resources. These resources may be omitted if the update does not require any changes to the TZ localization strings.

    For information on building SIS files from PKG files see Secure Software Install SIS Tools.

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