Sensor Services Overview

The Sensor Services collection is a group of components that provide APIs for extending sensors by means of plug-ins and providing channel-based communication with the sensor hardware.

Key Concepts and Terms


A sensor is a hardware measuring device connected to the Symbian device, which measures a physical quantity in its immediate vicinity and converts that quantity into small sets of numeric digital values.

Sensor Subsystem (SSY)

Sensor Subsystems are plug-ins that connect the sensor hardware with the sensor server.


Figure: Sensor Services Architecture

The Sensor Services collection consists of the following components:

  • Sensor Framework, which provides sensor server and plug-in interfaces for adding any new sensor plug-in as required. The framework also provides sensor channel APIs for creating a medium (sensor channel) of exchange between the client applications and the sensor hardware. The sensor plug-ins retrieve data from sensor hardware (through sensor channels) and enable the client applications to use the data for specific requirements.

  • Data Compensator, which uses data provided by the sensor plug-ins to correct the sensor axis data based on the current orientation of the Symbian device. This data can be used by the client applications to display the pages in portrait or landscape views.