Limitations of Clocks and Timers

The following are some of the limitations of the clocks and timers feature supported on the Symbian platform:

  • The clock and timer APIs of the Librt library provide the same level of resolution as that of the Symbian platform APIs, such as RTimer::At(), RTimer::After() and RTimer::HighRes(). Any requests beyond the functionality provided by these APIs will be considered as invalid.

  • The Symbian platform does not support process level clocks and therefore all clock and timer solutions are based on the clock available to the user level process. The clock has a clock_id of CLOCK_REALTIME, and can be retrieved using clock_getcpuclockid() by passing 0 in the pid_t parameter.

  • An application or library that uses the Librt library clock functions must link to librt.dll prior to all other libraries in the link order. This is because both libc.dll and librt.dll provide similar clock interfaces but only the Librt library is modified to behave according to the LSB 3.1 specification.

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