Creating an Animation DLL Object

This topic provides information about implementing CreateCAnimDllL().

Use CreateCAnimDllL() to construct the CAnimDll derived server side DLL class. For example, for a DLL class called CExampleAnimDll the following code would appear in the DLL source file:

// the only exported function in the DLL
IMPORT_C CAnimDll* CreateCAnimDllL();
EXPORT_C CAnimDll* CreateCAnimDllL(){return new(ELeave) CExampleAnimDll;}

The use of both IMPORT_C and EXPORT_C statements is required to satisfy different compiler conventions.

Because this interface is defined by the Window Server, an animation DLL class must be linked against the Window Server definitions, otherwise linkage will fail. The mechanism is straightforward — include the following in your project mmp file:

UID 268450594

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