Options template

The order of items in an Options menu should follow the template presented below (in specific cases, when there are strong arguments against the order in the template, the order can be changed.)

The option names listed here are generic names, not the actual texts used in the products. The texts may even vary between applications even though the logical item is the same.

Items that should appear in every full Options menu opened from the left softkey are labeled mandatory. However, these items are not required in context sensitive Options menus.

For other than the mandatory items, only the items needed in each context shall appear in the Options menu.

Items specific to the context can be added among the common items, in the places where they best fit, considering the importance and probable usage frequency. The places where context-specific items may appear are represented as +++ in the list.

Submenu titles are indicated with ? and are followed by the submenu items.

Table: Options menu item order
Menu item Description

Active applications

Access to task swapper.

Open / Select /Change

Mandatory when the Selection key performs an Open/Select function. Change is used in setting lists. Same as the Selection key function.

+ + +

Call now

For immediate calling when a phone number is available.

Send now

Opens a messaging editor when an address for immediate sending is available, or is used for immediate sending when such data is available (for example in message editor)

Send >

Open a Send list query that contains the following Send options.



Send object via message.


Audio message

Send object via audio message.



Send object via e-mail.


SyncML mail

Send object via SyncML mail.



Send object via Postcard.


MMS Upload Services

Service provider item for uploading. All MMS upload services are displayed consecutively before local connectivity items.



Send object via Bluetooth.



Send object via Infrared.


Other installed MTMs

Send objects via some other available MTM.

+ + +

Create new

Initiates the creation of a new item (for example a message in the Messaging application or a calendar event in Calendar). When more than one type of item can be created, a submenu may be used to select the type.

Edit item

Enables editing of the current item, for example a form, or an individual item on a list.

Edit text >

Opens a submenu for text editing options.


Copy text

Start text copying (copy mode).


Cut text

Start text cutting (copy mode)



Copy the selected (highlighted) text.



Cut the selected (highlighted) text.



Paste text.


  • Deletes the item(s) in focus (or marked) on a list.

  • Deletes the current item being viewed.

+ + +

View info (1)

View detailed information about the current item. The item is placed in this location in applications where this is a high-priority function.

+ + +


Move an item to a different location within the list or grid.

Move to folder

Move item(s) into a folder.

New folder

Create a new folder.

+ + +

Edit list >

A submenu for list editing options.


Copy item data

Copy data from a list item (for example, copy a phone number from Phonebook's view onto Clipboard).


Mark / Unmark

Mark or unmark the current item, depending on the current state.


Mark all

Mark all items in a list.


Unmark all

Remove marks from all marked items in a list.


Rename the item in focus.

+ + +

Add to contacts >

A submenu for functions used to add contact information into Phonebook.


Create new

Create a new contact item.


Update existing

Add new field(s) to an existing contact item.

Find item >

A submenu for functions used to extract contact information from text in viewers and browsers.


Phone number

Find a telephone number among text.


Email address

Find an e-mail address among text.



Find and URL among text.

+ + +

View info (2)

View detailed information about the current item. The item is placed in this location in applications where this is a low-priority function.

Add to Favourites

For adding a link to the current application or a document to pinboard.

Text size >

Change the text size in application-specified views (see Presentation of text for more information on content zooming). Opens a submenu with an indicator.


Automatic (default value)

Uses the text size setting value currently set in General Settings.



View text in large size. Overrides the setting value set in General Settings.



View text in normal size. Overrides the setting value set in General Settings.



View text in small size. Overrides the setting value set in General Settings.


Access to application settings or context-dependent settings.


A submenu containing rarely used items.

Extra functions

For displaying extra functions provided by application interworking. If more than one extra function is available, they are displayed in a submenu.

Writing language

Changes the input language in editors.


Opens Context Sensitive Help.


Mandatory. Exits the application.