grep [options] PATTERN [FILE...]

grep [options] [-e PATTERN | -f FILE] [FILE...]

The grep command searches the named input files for lines containing a match to a given pattern. For more information about using the grep command, search by specifying grep as the search keyword and by selecting the FreeBSD 6.2-Release option from the release list.

The following options are not supported by the Symbian version of the grep command:

  • -b, --byte-offset

  • --binary-files=TYPE

  • --colour[=WHEN], --color[=WHEN]

  • -D ACTION, --devices=ACTION

  • -P, --perl-regexp

  • -f FILE, --file=FILE

  • -G, --basic-regexp

  • --help

  • -I

  • --label=LABEL

  • --line-buffered

  • -U, --binary

  • -u, --unix-byte-offsets

  • -V, --version

  • -y

  • --null

  • -Z, --decompress

  • -J, --bz2decompress

Note: You cannot use the grep command to search for patterns by taking input from a standard input.

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