CPicture-Derived Classes

This topic introduces the essential features of CPicture -derived classes and other features, which, although not essential, are normally also provided.

Each CPicture -derived class must provide:

  • a constructor which creates a ‘real-world’ picture and sets a data member to the picture’s original size in device-independent units (for example, iOriginalSizeInTwips could be used for twips);

  • a GetOriginalSizeInTwips() function which returns the original size of the picture in twips;

  • a Draw() function which draws the picture to a particular graphics map on a graphics context - at this point, and not before, the picture’s co-ordinates should be converted from device-independent units to pixels;

  • an ExternalizeL() function which externalizes the picture to a stream.

Normally, a CPicture -derived class will also provide:

  • an InternalizeL() function to internalize the picture from a stream;

  • StoreL() and RestoreL() functions to store and restore pictures from a stream store;

  • one or more data members to access and manipulate the original picture - the picture’s scaling may be altered (this changes the ‘real-world’ size of the picture in twips);

  • if necessary, behavior that performs appropriate clean-up.

CApaIconPicture is an example of a CPicture -derived class.

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