Data Line Status Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to get the simple data line status with the telephony API for applications.


  1. create a new instance of CTelephony
  2. use CTelephony::GetLineStatus() to get the data line status Pass EDataLine as the parameter.
  3. the function returns a TCallStatusV1 object that contains the data line status information

Data line example

CTelephony* telephony = CTelephony::NewLC();

CTelephony::TCallStatusV1 callStatusV1;
CTelephony::TCallStatusV1Pckg callStatusV1Pckg( callStatusV1 );

CTelephony::TPhoneLine line = CTelephony::EDataLine;
telephony->GetLineStatus( line, callStatusV1Pckg );
CTelephony::TCallStatus dataLineStatus = callStatusV1.iStatus;

CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy( telephony );