Enabling/Disabling Video Recording

This tutorial describes how to enable/disable video recording.


The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to enable/disable video recording for a video clip.

Required Background

The Video Client Overview introduces the video client utilities.


You can enable/disable the video separately when recording video without affecting audio recording. This means you can record an audio only clip. This functionality is provided by the CVideoRecorderUtility::SetVideoEnabledL() method.

Using Video Recording

The following tasks are covered in this tutorial:

Basic Procedure

The high level steps to enable/disable video recording are shown here:

  1. Create a new video recorder utility object.

  2. Open a video clip to record.

  3. Enable/disable video recording using the CVideoRecorderUtility::SetVideoEnabledL() method:

    • To enable video recording set the aEnabled parameter to ETrue.

    • To disable video recording set the aEnabled parameter to EFalse.

  4. Call the CVideoRecorderUtility::Prepare() method.

  5. Control recording normally.


// Create new video recorder utility object (iVideoRecorder)
// Open the video clip

// disable video recording

// Video recording has now been disabled. Recording is audio only.
// Call Prepare() and then Record() to record normally

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