How to load an IrDA protocol set

The “IrTinyTP” protocol set enables the programmer to access the IrDA TinyTP reliable transport layer which corresponds to a sequenced packet service.

The “IrMUX” protocol set allows access to the raw IrDA LM-MUX layer which corresponds to an unreliable datagram service.

The following code fragment illustrates how to load the “IrTinyTP” set of protocols.

TInt ret;
RSocketServ ss;
ret = ss.Connect();    // ret should be KErrNone
TUint   numProtocols;
TProtocolDesc pInfo;
ret = ss.NumProtocols(numProtocols);    // ret should be KErrNone
ret = ss.FindProtocol(KTinyTP,pInfo);   // ret should be KErrNone
    // Number of protocols loaded is: numProtocols.