This section describes the concept of the events in the QoS.

The following list describes the events in the QoS:

  • CSubConGenEventDataClientJoined and CSubConGenEventDataClientLeft - The source and destination end points of the data client are presented with this event, along with the IAP ID of the connection on which it is created. These two events are derived from CSubConGenEventDataClientBase and they provide the functionality for both.

  • CSubConNotificationEvent - Both generic and extension subconnection events derive from this class. The rules for generic and extension events are the same as for parameter sets. The IsGeneric() method identifies whether the event is generic. The GroupId() method returns the UID of the factory that contains the event, and Id() returns the class type Id within that factory. This information consists of the STypeId of the event.

  • CSubConGenEventParamsGranted - Notification of this event occurs when a request to SetParameters() is sent and negotiation with the network is completed. A notification is received for each successful negotiation with the family contained in the parameter bundle. This event represents a generic set and zero or more extension sets of the parameter family identified by the Id returned from GetFamily().

  • CSubConGenEventParamsRejected - Notification of this event occurs after a request to SetParameters() is made and negotiation with the network fails. It can be an error within the handset software or configuration, or that the network cannot provide the acceptable, that is the minimum level of QoS. The reason for failure and the parameter family are presented by the accessor methods Error() and FamilyId(). A notification for CSubConGenEventParamsRejected event is received for each family in the parameter bundle that cannot be negotiated successfully.

  • CSubConGenEventParamsChanged - This event occurs when the properties of a parameter family are negotiated due to some event on the network. It is not sent in response to a request to change the properties. The change can be the result of an error or just that the level of QoS has improved or worsened. If a new set of parameters are available they are presented as with the CSubConGenEventParamsGranted event. The error status is presented through the Error() method.

  • CSubConGenEventSubConDown - This event occurs when the underlying subconnection is lost. This can be due to the request for it to be closed, or some error on the network. The error status is presented through the Error() method.