WhiteList/BlackList URI Services Overview

Mobile widgets are increasingly being used to connect to internet, which has increased the vulnerability of devices. To address this issue, Symbian provides a framework using which origins of harmful messages can be added to a BlackList. The framework also supports adding the origin of trusted clients to a WhiteList. This allows end users to control the data they receive from networks.

Symbian provides a client-server framework to support BlackList/WhiteList origins (URIs). The framework currently supports Browser, WapPush, PushEmail and DeviceProvisioning service type URIs. The URI entry is unique for a given service type and similar URIs from different service types can exist in the URI list.

The BlackList/WhiteList framework provides support for adding a URI to the list, removing a URI from list, updating a URI in the list, reading URIs from the list, and querying for URIs in the list. Support for wildcard URI entries is not provided. The framework also provides support for pre-configuration of URIs in the list to enable clients to add their own URIs.

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