Information note

Information notes give information about an unexpected situation during the usage of the device. They have a longer duration and a more noticeable tone than in a confirmation note. Errors that are not too serious should cause an information note.

Figure: Information note

Using information notes in applications

You can create either a basic information note that is displayed only when your application is in the foreground or a global note that stays displayed even if the application launching the note is not in the foreground. The related APIs are the Notes API (for basic notes) and the Notifiers API (for global notes).

To use an information note with the default icon, text, sound, and duration, create an instance of the note CAknInformationNote class.

To create a global information note, use the CAknGlobalNote class in the Notifiers API.

For basic notes, you can change the icon or text displayed in the note, use a different kind of sound, or change the note duration using the setter methods in the CAknNoteDialog class:
  • CAknNoteDialog::SetIconL()

  • CAknNoteDialog::SetTextL()

  • CAknNoteDialog::SetTone()

  • CAknNoteDialog::SetTimeout()

You can change the graphic, animation, tone, and softkeys using the methods in the CAknGlobalNote class:
  • CAknGlobalNote::SetGraphic()

  • CAknGlobalNote::SetAnimation()

  • CAknGlobalNote::SetTone()

  • CAknGlobalNote::SetSoftkeys()

For more information about these APIs, see Symbian C++ API specifications.

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