UI style guide


The Symbian Belle UI Style Guide provides an overview of the Nokia Symbian Belle user interface (UI) and describes its essential parts, offering examples of how to use the various interface elements.

The document can be used as a general introduction to the Symbian Belle UI style or as reference material. It provides useful background information to help UI designers make decisions about their products.

While the style guide offers an overview and provides guidelines for designing good applications, it does not provide all the information that would be needed to write the software. It is intended to be a compact, easy-to-read guide, and consequently it leaves out many details that can be found in other related documentation. There is no general discussion about good usability; instead, this document clarifies how the style elements of the Symbian Belle UI are to be used in practice.

The content is independent of product-specific hardware, so the guidelines apply to any product that is using Symbian Belle. Sometimes this means leaving out information that would be appropriate for one product but not for another.

Note: The illustrations are examples only, and are not necessarily pixel-perfect renditions of the Symbian Belle user interface.


This document is primarily intended for designers who are working on application designs for the Symbian Belle platform release.

It is also helpful for product managers or those in similar positions who would benefit from receiving a general view of the Symbian Belle user interface — what it is and how it is intended to be used.