SNM Source File

The SNM source file is a text file which contains the mappings between standard character set identifiers and their corresponding Symbian UIDs. The snmtool uses this file to create SNM binary files (plug-in data files or SNM files). Application developers can then pass the standard character set identifiers to the Charconv APIs without knowing Symbian UIDs.

The SNM source file is case-insensitive. Comments begin with a # and extend to the end of the line. Additional blank lines and leading and trailing whitespace are ignored.


The source file consists of zero, one or more blocks of information. The first line in each block has the format:

CharacterSet 0x<UID-in-hexadecimal>

The remainder of each block consists of zero, one or more lines, each of which is either in the format:

StandardName "<standard-name>"

or in the format:

MibEnum <MIB-enum-in-decimal>


The following block provides the mapping information for the Shift-JIS character set:

CharacterSet 0x10000fbd
 StandardName "Shift_JIS"
 StandardName "MS_Kanji"
 StandardName "csShiftJIS"
 MibEnum 17