Console App: A Simple Console Program

This section explains the steps to build the ConsoleApp program using the FreeBSD source code.


This program converts a quantity from one unit of measurement into another, prompting the user for input. Conversion information is provided in a data file, slunits.dat.

The user is prompted for input, but it is important to note that STDLIB does not provide all of the functionality of a traditional console driver. STDLIB is intended to be a "behind-the-scenes" enabling technology, rather than an alternative user interface.

The code for the ConsoleApp program was taken from the FreeBSD source code (See

Procedure to build the ConsoleApp

Build the program using bldmake and abld as the Hello example. For the Emulator, slunits.dat is copied automatically by abld into the correct directory. For a target phone, ensure that slunits.dat is located in the directory specified in pathname.h; this is the root of the drive on which the program is installed.

To install ConsoleApp.exe on the target phone, create a .sis file using the Symbian Installation system.

To run it on the target phone, invoke ConsoleApp.exe.

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